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coeuraupingouin's art resource blog!

a side blog that I'll be using to reblog some art resources for future use, might eventually turn it into a place for me to upload my own art! :)
Oct 15 '13



A friend asked me if I had any pointers on drawing dingle dongles and I may or may not have gotten totally carried away and drew out a bunch of stuff, heheh.
Figured Id post it just in case any nsfw artists found it helpful at all~

Also if I have any incorrect info or you have tips feel free to let me know. Always eager to supplement my penis expertise~ haha~

thank you now everyone can stop drawing upside down dongs

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Sep 9 '13

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Sep 7 '13


EDIT: it has come to my attention that the gradient/soft shading is more borderline pixel art than anything!! my sincere apologies for the misleading information, and much thanks to piecreature for letting me know! :)


oK a lot of people had been asking for a while now about a tutorial or something;;; so i just made this p simple guide!! you might have to open them in a new tab :x

expect another one sometime in the future because this doesnt even begin to cover everything i wanted to put in (but i only had so much room)

these are things that i guess i sort of learned over time so im hoping itll be of some use!!! 

separate for easier reading: [x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x]


binary pen-eraser: [x]
paint tool sai installation: [x]
pixel font: [x]

Aug 8 '13
Aug 7 '13


ack I have the lamest coloring/shading way are you sure but they are really easy to do tho if you would like to try for fun lol I’m sorry quq

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Jul 31 '13
Jul 30 '13
Jul 25 '13



Jul 23 '13



I was doing a bit of an anatomy study on my livestream and was asked to please post it. 

  • The crotch is the halfway point of the body from top of the head to bottom of the feet
  • Shoulders to hips = hips to ankles
  • Elbows rest at the waist line
  • Wrists rest at the crotch line
  • Shoulders and breasts/pecks should always be parallel, no matter what angle the shoulders are at
  • With boob placement, keep in mind where the collar bone, ribs, and shoulders are.  Breats have muscles that connect to the arm—hence why lifting an arm also lifts the breast corresponding with it.
  • Feet are the same length as your elbow to wrist.
  • There are two bones in the knee; the cap and a smaller one below it.  You CAN see them and adding that subtle detail is a really nice touch!
  • When drawing eyes, keep in mind that you should be able to fit the width of an eye between them
  • The face is broken down into thirds; hairline to eyebrows, eyebrows to bottom of the nose, bottom of the nose to chin
  • The halfway point of the head is at the eyeline
  • The mouth is 1/3rd of the way from the bottom of the nose to the chin
  • Ears are from the top of the eyes to the bottom of the nose
  • When drawing a 3/4th view of the face, do NOT MAKE THE FURTHEST EYE SMALLER — the perspective is too small to be noticeable unless you are doing extremely accentuated/warped perspective.  The eyebrows, top of the eyes, and bottom of the eyes should all be parallel regardless of the face’s angle.  The only differences should be the widths; front eye should be wider than the further eye.

Knowing the rules to anatomy is important!  Once you learn them, then you can break them. ( ≖‿≖)*

Jul 20 '13


Body drawing review - translated version.